Gift your body revolutionary anabolic formula with Anafuse

Our markets have had hormones, prohormones, steroids and just about everything else marketed to men for muscle building. While some of those worked and some of those didn’t, mostly that worked came with a specific set of unavoidable side effects killing their short term efficacy. Anafuse promises to be something unusual and better altogether: It promises unwavering, healthy results with zero side effects. Find out if it’s another fantasy adjective laden supplement or an actual formula worth investing in.

What is it? What does it claim?

Anafuse is a natural supplement that has been designed to cater to body’s muscle building and growth requirements on a short term period. Introduced by Vital Labs, it has been marketed as one of the safest anabolic formula on market with results that last on a permanent basis with zero threat of any internal or external harm due to dosage.

It claims to trigger a spurt of stamina, endurance, recovery ability, physical motivation along with reduction of muscle soreness and cramps with elongated pumps post workout.


Every serving contains Vitamin D3 (500iu) with 1150mg of the Proprietary Blend that’s made with 5a-hydroxy-laxogenin, Alpha­hydroxyisocaproic acid (HICA), (-)-Epicatechin.

How does it work?

Here is how these individual ingredients work:

(-)-Epicatechin derived from plants such as green tea, cocoa, etc is known principally for its potent antioxidant ability. It prevents Myostatin and triggers higher anabolic and muscle growth in body.

Laxogenin is also plant-derived and is helpful in boosting protein synthesis well as nitrogen retention to naturally advance endurance, recovery, and growth of lean muscle. It further regulates cortisol release to improve body’s fat controlling ability and maintain the leanness.

HICA (a L-Leucine metabolite) is helpful in aiding protein synthesis and further controls the muscular breakdown through defending the body against catabolic forces that exercise waste products trigger. It also enables higher recover by aiding in muscular growth and stamina.

Vitamin D3 keeps the body’s requirement fulfilled and helps other ingredients function feasibly.

Dosage and how long do you need to take it?

You are supposed to take 1-2 Anafuse capsules every day, one preferably in morning and then another one around 6 hours after the first dosage. The label informs that you should continue your intake with food and some users have stated that initial usage should be continued for 8 weeks with a subsequent 4 week off and then again an 8 week cycle based on requirement.

The maximum intake has been suggested for not more than 12 weeks after the user should take a mandatory break form dosage.

What you should be afraid of when using Anafuse?

The label confirms the quality standards maintained and adhered to during manufacture of product. Our team’s correspondence with the manufacturer’s representative had led us to believe that all manufacturing as well as packaging is done in most secure and quality conditions to prevent any sort of health threat that poor formulation could result in.

Unless you overdose, or take it for longer than 8 weeks, there is absolutely nothing that you should be worried about.

Pros and Cons

Anafuse employs a safer, feasible and healthy approach to anabolic as well as muscle development without resulting in any harm for the body as often steroids and similar products do. Being a natural and healthy formula, it is non-hormonal thus doesn’t influence the body’s hormonal and health balance in any fashion. Besides, the ingredients are groundbreaking and have sufficient research to support the claims. Furthermore, the formula can also be used with other healthy supplements for optimal muscular results and work even better when used in a balanced routine with pro muscle building diet.

Moreover, there have been actual reviews on Anafuse on numerous muscle building forums where multitude of men have confirmed their real results. Sadly, the product is nowhere near cheap but it actually works and those who have had issues working out since exhaustion does kick in after the eventual honeymoon period, they will have the most benefits with this blend.

Another major pro is the manufacturer’s reputation since it is by Vital Labs who is well known for its equally effective range that introduced products like Epi 2a3a and Halo-V.

Also, if you are worried about any possible medicinal interaction that this formula may trigger, there is an amazingly informative section with experts and members comments and queries (well answered) at the strongsupplementshop which you must check out.

Cost, shipping and refund has listed Anafuse (one bottle) for $55 while numerous others are also stocked up on the supply. You can hunt online for best deals and promotional coupons.

The seller mentioned above has a 14 day window for returns during which only unopened items can be returned and sought a refund for.

Do we recommend it?

We have got several men on our team to try out different muscle builders and while most of them turned out to be mild stuff, our team was pretty taken with Anafuse.

Our guys journalized their experience as energy growing gradually everyday, giving them new motivation to workout every day, for longer and harder.

But of course, the main question is did anyone gain muscle at all?

We didn’t exactly expect the formula to workout with all its tacky adjectives and claims so we were indeed surprised when we saw that it did. Three of our guys had been slightly on the  more-adipose scale while 2 others who tried it had been muscular even before dosage. All of them reported a surge of physical and mental energy when they worked out and noticed that the formula not only shaped them well but actually ripped them. None of our guys got abs as a result but most of them don’t really workout that hard and based on the results, our team claims that Anafuse was the best thing they ever tried.

We spent 8 weeks looking for a single complaint and even though we found numerous detractors and famous reviewers stating their dissatisfaction with it, we actually didn’t come across a single grievance complaint by a real user. We got in touch with verified buyers from e-commerce websites who had posted about their Anafuse purchase and they all confirmed the claims asserting that they would recommend it.

Although, the no refund policy on opened bottles does make the manufacturer sound overconfident of the product but users say that you wouldn’t even need to consider returning the bottle.

Based on the transparency that the product manufacturer has maintained, the reputation it enjoys and the sheer high percentage of positive customer testimonials, we recommend purchasing this muscle booster if budget is not a factor for you.